Save and Invest 

with Twine

An app for saving and investing.

Built for two.

Get after your goals.

Start with something standard like a house or vacation fund, or create a custom goal.

Save as a team.

Get on the same page with a joint Twine account. You can both contribute and track your progress.

Investing for everyone.

Invest in a portfolio or save in cash. Start with what you can. Learn as you go.

Ready to start your first goal?

Start saving with $5

Set up a goal in minutes. Works just like the savings accounts you know and love.

Earns 0.80% variable interest — better than most savings accounts.

Save and earn toward as many goals as you can dream up.

Deposit and withdraw any time.

Saving in cash is free. Learn more.

Download the Twine app.

Start investing with as little as $100

It starts with saving. Investing is the next step. Twine helps you make the jump.

You don’t need a big paycheck or financial windfall to start investing.

Investing isn’t just for retirement. Invest in things like your honeymoon or home down payment.

Every Twine portfolio is designed to help new investors reach important life goals.

Simple pricing. Pay just 25 cents per month for every $500 you invest.

Download the Twine app.

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